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01 Focused Approach

  • Assessment undertaken with the team to self identify areas of strength and weakness provides initial areas of focus.

  • Human Capital Overview, Financial Capital Strategy (Sales & Marketing & Investment),  Finance, Technology and Operations.

  • Overall written assessment provides pathway to exponential growth.

  • TDC domain experts then drill down and work with the startup on identified areas.

  • 90-day proposal including fees leading up to first quarterly review.

02 Team Assessment 

  • People are everything –  “It’s all about putting the right people, in the right roles, at the right time across their lifetime”

  • This statement is never more important than for a startup when finances and resource are severely constrained.

  • We use “The Changemaker Effect” methodology to track the cognitive ability of team members across their lifetime.

  • This allows us to assess the team for optimum performance and suitability for startup.


03 Outcomes

  • Our guiding principles deliver sustainable outcomes long past our engagement.

  • Concentrated Value – Not only do we deliver concentrated value, but your entire team will understand Lean Startup Methodology. 

  • This ensures effective use of resources and an understanding of tangible outcomes.

  • The Changemaker Effect will ensure all team members are positioned to do their best work.

  • Mentorship will provide on the job training for every team member that works with TDC.

04 Online Application

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